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Project Life Tuesday – 30 Lists Mini Album 1-15

27 Aug

If you didn’t see my introductory post about 30 Days of Lists on Sunday, go check it out. Not kidding, I’ll wait. 🙂

Now that you’re back, I thought I would use this Project Life Tuesday to show you a fun project I’m working on with cards from the Turquoise Edition of Project Life. In order to gear myself up for 30 Days of Lists (it starts next week! I’m so excited!) I decided to do a mini album of all the prompts from the March 2011 challenge, which are available to everyone for free. You can also purchase more recent list workshops, individually or in a bundle. I plan to purchase all of them, eventually.

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30 Days of Lists starts September 1st!

25 Aug

Are you struggling with journaling? With writing in general? Or, just the opposite, do you find yourself constantly scribbling everything that pops into your head? Would you like a little structure in your writing, or a little nudge to build a habit of writing something everyday?

30 Days of Lists can be that nudge for you.

One list prompt, emailed to you, every day for a month. Your list can be as long or short as you want, you can write it out on a napkin or in a notebook or on a scrapbook page. You can decorate or not. You could create your lists digitally using an image editing program. You could even just write your lists on your blog. You can share them with the world or never show them to anyone at all. (If you do decide to share, though, 30 Days of Lists has an amazing community, on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and their blog.)

The point is to start. Start writing. And then, the next day, keep writing. Develop a habit. Take it with you into the rest of your life and let it make you better.

I’m very excited to be embarking on this listing journey, and I hope that you will join me! You can sign up at the 30 Days of Lists website, and will get all the info you need to get started – the community is buzzing!

Also, I plan to have a full reveal of my 30 Days of Lists album on September 1st, but until then, enjoy this sneak peek:


P.S. If you like the look of my woodgrain kit, I have made a version of it available for purchase in my Etsy store.