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Five Minute Friday: Present

12 Jul


The thing that I often am not. Present is more than just being physically in a place. Presence is opening my eyes and my ears and my mind to the things going on around me, instead of focusing on my phone, my email, my dreams for the future, my life plans.

It’s noticing the curls at the end of my daughter’s pigtails. How they bounce and sway when she dances and sings. How her eyes crinkle up in the corners and she squints when she smiles because she doesn’t quite have a full understanding of finite motor skills. It’s seeing, not just hearing about, my son’s first steps. Being there when he reaches for me and knowing what is wrong because I know his body language – not because I’ve gone through a basic process of elimination. It’s paying attention when my husband speaks to me, hearing his words, and caring about them.

Being present. It is a challenge. I am selfish and my mind likes to wander.

But my presence is one of the greatest gifts I can give to my family.

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