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11 Jul

Hi, world. I’m Virginia.

I’m 26. I will have been married for 4 years this December.

I have 2 adorable babies – M is 2 years old and J is almost 1 year old.

I am an imperfect person with incredible passions.

I love British TV shows. I kiss boo-boos. I take pictures. I am an opera singer. I can’t really play piano. I read long, multi-novel fantasy epics. I occasionally clean house. I do laundry. And more laundry. And more laundry. I am a memory keeper. I love to take walks at dusk. I love cats and kittens. I am a daughter of God.

This is my blog. My space to share with you a little bit of my soul.

It’s scary and wonderful and kind of gives me an upset stomach.

I’ll get over that last part eventually.

So, let’s dive in, and see what I have to share.