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Wordless Wednesday – 10.28.15

28 Oct

2015-10-28 15.14

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Sunshine and a Rainbow of Washi Tape Pt. 2

24 Jul

I promised you a look at my washi tape, didn’t I?



I have a thing for rainbows. I kind of love them. If my husband had let me have my way, my kid’s nursery would have been decorated in rainbow colors. 😦 Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I can still live my fantasy in my washi organization.


Mhmm. I love washi tape. If, somehow, you have happened upon this post and you DON’T have any of this extremely versatile crafting tool, let me point you towards part one of this post. At the bottom you’ll find a list of 70-some beautifully designed tapes, and where to find them. Most of those links will take you to sites with a variety of washi for sale, in many, many more colors and patterns than I own (but all of which I covet).

Washi tape is paper tape, extremely sticky but also repositionable. It doesn’t take much washi to get the job done, and you can buy it by the yard or on rolls with upwards of 10 yards on a roll. And it’s addictive. Once you have one roll, in one color, one design, and you understand how useful it can be, you want other colors, other designs, more, more, more!


And that’s okay. Really. Plus, if you can store it in something clear or open, it can be a great craft space decoration. 😀




And, all together now…


Isn’t it gorgeous? Ugh. I love it and I love having it on my shelf. Someday, when my craft space is organized and pretty, I’ll show it to you. 😉

Alright, I’m signing off. But make sure you keep an eye out for other organization posts around here, and my Project Life. 😀 That should be coming up fairly soon.


18 Jul

I know that there was supposed to be a post today about my washi organization. Some rocky stuff has happened in my personal life and I wasn’t able to make it happen today, but I have the photographs taken and will do my absolute best to get it up tomorrow.

In the mean time, I ask that you send up your prayers for me and for the people that are affected by the issues I’m dealing with. Thank you, and bless.